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People - Jesse Pyle (PhD Student)

About Me
I grew up in Houston, TX and attended Texas A&M University in College Station, TX for my B.S. in Bioenvironmental Sciences. After graduating in 2013, I continued at Texas A&M for my Master’s degree in Plant Pathology, where I studied in the plant virology laboratory of Dr. Karen-Beth Scholthof. For my M.S. research, I investigated the biology and pathogenesis of small ssRNA plant viruses and their satellite agents, including satellite RNAs and satellite viruses. After graduating in the fall of 2015, I joined the Virology Ph.D. program at Harvard and quickly became fascinated by the biochemical and structural biology projects in the Whelan lab. Currently, I am studying the structure and functional regulation of arenavirus replication complexes, with a specific focus on the polymerase of Machupo virus. Outside of the lab, you can find me eating my way through Boston and exploring the improv comedy scene.


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