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People - Mark Bakkers (Post-Doc)

About Me
I am originally from the Netherlands where I obtained a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, and a master's degree in Biomedical Sciences from Utrecht University. During my masters I became interested in viruses and worked on a project to characterize the immune response during secondary RSV infections at my home university, as well as a study of dengue virus fusion inhibitors in the lab of Dr. Priscilla Yang. After my masters I went on to pursue a PhD in virology at Utrecht University, under the supervision of Dr. Raoul de Groot, which focused on crystallographic and functional studies of corona- and torovirus hemagglutinin-esterases. I joined the Whelan lab in September 2016 to further pursue my interests in virus-receptor interactions. I am currently working on genome-wide CRISPR screens for the identification of host factors involved in virus entry. Outside the lab I enjoy hiking, traveling, wildlife photography and scuba diving.


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